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Don't leave your life to fate - take control and start making visible changes today with an online vision board!

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Sign up for free and test drive for 24 hours. All we need is your email address and name! After your free trial period, your can sign up for a lifetime membership making our pricing super simple. Take a tour for free first and see what Map Our Lives can do for you.

Break your goals down

Once you have an account you can start listing your goals and breaking them down into a series of steps. Breaking goals down make them easier to achieve and enables you to start seeing results straight away. Ready to sign up and take a look around? Click here

Create your vision board

Visualizing your goals into images creates emotions and also constantly reminds your brain to keep an eye out for new opportunities. Associating an emotion with your goal will be your driving force to make it happen! You can upload images from anywhere but we have provided some examples on our Pinterest page to help you along. Ready to sign up and take a look around? Click here

Stay happy

Trying to stay positive and happy every day has been proven to help you move in a new direction. Finding and uploading images which represent the things which make you feel truly happy today will be the driving force to achieve even more tomorrow. Our Happy Board helps you remember what makes you stay happy. Ready to sign up and take a look around? Click here

Positive statements

Not everyone wants to put their positive statements or mantras up in their home. Having a place online to motivate you with these snippets means you can see them every day and be motivated by the emotion they provide you with. Adding statements to your account is easy and should be seen as your personal motivation notepad. Ready to sign up and take a look around? Click here

The best bit of all!

So you have set your goals and steps, uploaded images which represent them, found photos which make you happy and listed some statements which motivate you. Great job! Your personalized browser home page is all ready for you. It will show the images you have uploaded, randomly show a different goal and positive statement. All you have to do is set this as your homepage and every time you go online you will see your new life staring back at you. The great thing is that your mind will too and will keep a constant look out for events which will put you on the right path to achieve everything you want in your life. Ready to sign up and take a look around? Click here

Get signed up today and start painting the life you have always wanted!

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