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Keep your clients focused!

Map Our Lives is an online tool to help focus your customers on what they want to achieve. By regularly reminding them of their goals, they will get better results.

With a 50% commission on all lifetime memberships, Map Our Lives provides an additional source of revenue for your business.


Earn an additional regular income from your clients

  1. Do you want to improve your repeat business from clients by helping them track their goals?
  2. Do you want to provide tools to keep your clients focused between sessions?
  3. Do you want to earn an additional income at no upfront cost to you?
Becoming a Map Our Lives partner enables you to get paid when your customers use the service.

What is Map Our Lives?

Map Our Lives uses 6 proven online tools to help your clients focus on what they want to achieve in their life.
  1. Discover - allowing your clients to understand themselves better
  2. My Goals - setting goals and breaking them down into manageable steps
  3. My Goal Board - visualizing your goals into images
  4. My Happy Board - visualizing things that make you feel good
  5. Life Statements - positive mantras or phrases
  6. My Home Page - a browser homepage summary of everything your have added

How do I get paid?

To become a Map Our Lives partner, you sign up by clicking here. You will then be given a unique web link you can include on your website. This will ensure your customers are linked to you. We have a library of images you can also use.

Map Our Lives also allows you to upload your own logo making the site look more like yours. We have full tracking of who has signed up and who has taken out a premium membership.


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