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Get everything in life you want and deserve #ontherightpath

If you want a fulfilling life filled with everything you desire, welcome to Map Our Lives. Plan your life and enjoy the journey! With our FREE science backed tools, you will immediately start seeing changes to take you on the path to your perfect life!

Making a start is easy. Use our free quiz below to see if you are a good life planner.

Are you a good life planner?

Finding the gaps will tell us how we can help you!


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Map Our Lives uses proven scientific techniques for training your mind to point out all the changes you need to make in your life and all the opportunties available to you.

Want to stop the cycle of disappointment? Want to lose that weight? Want that luxury car? Want that big house? Want that relationship? Map Our Lives has all the tools you need to start today.

  Reach your perfect life quicker than ever before
  Visualize your life with a vision board
  Stay positive with our positive image pin board
  Write up your goals and break them down into manageable steps
  Catalogue your favourite positive mantras
  Personal browser home page creation
  Help find out what you want from life with our Discover survey

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Our Life Mapping Tools

Use our questionnaire to help you understand what you are passionate about and therefore where you should focus your new life direction. Sometimes, knowing the direction you should take is the hardest part!

Create Your Goals
Write up your goals and then break them down into manageable steps. Set yourself deadlines and start to see results straight away. Break negative emotions with our helpful tips.

Online Vision Board
Find and upload images which represent your goals. These images will be used to create your browser vision board focusing your mind to guide you. Setting this as your home page will mean viewing your board every day.

Happy Board
Associate your goals with positive feelings to speed up the progress of achieving them. Find images which represent these positives and stay focused on them.

Life Statements
Use phrases, words or affirmations that empower you. Repeating mantras is powerful at charging yourself with energy and can be saved to your profile with our tools.

Everything you have entered is summarized on your online vision board. Setting this as your browser home page will focus your attention every day.

Goal Setting

Research has proved time and time again that setting goals and breaking them down into a series of steps is the most effective way to create focus in your life. Some goals feel too big to achieve. Creating smaller manageable steps means you can see results very quickly and like bricks in a wall, they are the building blocks of your new life. We have all the tools you need to make building your new life fun and easy.

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind

Your conscious mind looks after everything you are aware of on a day to day basis. Your conscious mind decides what clothes you wear and what food you eat. Your unconscious mind on the other hand looks after things which you have less control over and occur automatically. Things like thoughts, your motivation and your memory.

At Map Our Lives we train you to use both of these powerful human elements to maximise your chances of creating the life you have always wanted. Your conscious mind decides what your goals will be and what your new life will look like. Your unconscious mind will embed the visual information from your vision boards to work hard in the background and identify new opportunities which means you are always on the right path.

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