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Start your new life today!

Map Our Lives offers a set of online brain training tools which makes it easy to create the life you have always wanted. By constantly focusing your attention on what is important, you can get on with your day leaving your mind to point out new paths which will give you the life you have always dreamed of. What are you waiting for?


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Sign up to our 5 element process for achieving all the goals you ever wanted in your life! Using our brain training tools, all the hard work is done for you.

Element 1 - Create Your Goals
Write up your goals and then break them down into manageable steps. Set yourself deadlines and start to see results straight away.

Element 2 - Visualize Your Goals
Find and upload images which represent your goals. These images will be used to auto create your custom browser homepage focusing your mind to guide you.

Element 3 - Stay Positive
Associate your goals with positive feelings to speed up the progress of achieving them. Find images which represent these positives and stay focused on them.

Element 4 - Mantras
Use phrases or words that empower you. Repeating mantras is powerful at charging yourself with energy and can be uploaded with our tools.

Element 5 - Summarize
All the information you have entered into elements one to four are summarized on your auto generated browser home page. Setting this as your browser home page will focus your attention every day.

Creating your online vision board

A vision board is simply a collection of images which reflects the goals you want to achieve in your life. Constantly viewing these images will force your mind to identify new opportunities. Map Our Lives however does a lot more!

By not only uploading images for your vision board which represent what you want in your life, Map Our Lives allows you to upload images which represent what you currently love in your life. The end result is a vision board which you can set as your browser home page meaning you can look at your vision board every time you go online!
Create your vision board Create your happy board to stay positive See your customized browser home page!
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Get signed up today and start painting the life you have always wanted!

Goal Setting

Research has proved time and time again that setting goals and breaking them down into a series of steps is the most effective way to create focus in your life. Some goals feel too big to achieve. Creating smaller manageable steps means you can see results very quickly and like bricks in a wall, they are the building blocks of your new life. Map Our Lives gives you all the tools you need to make building your new life fun and easy.

Get signed up today and start painting the life you have always wanted!

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